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  1. Video strategy
    We assist you in building a corporate video strategy ( internal, partners, external ), planning, pre-production (the most important step in any professional project)
  2. Storage and Distribution
    Overview of corporate video apps and sites, introducing public video publishing platforms and social media , and locations to public usage of video messaging (i.e. digital signage)
  3. Video Training
    Video Training Video courses for your employees, starting from Storyboards, over presentation techniques, software and hardware requirements, but also setting targets, video distribution, promotion and conversion measurement.
  4. Video Storyboards
    In close cooperation with your team we create the episodic timeline and additionally for each episode a sequence of graphic illustrations which contains illustrations/shots visualizing each video production.
  5. Video Co-Production
    We guide your teams in the storyboard creation, establishing episode concepts , produce scripts, identify stages and actors, explain camera use and video post-production tools and activities.
  6. Conversion Measurement
    Commercial and strategic use of video technology by setting realistic targets for every video, and most importantly measuring acquisition and setting up a lessons-learned system to enhance the next video series.
Video Will Account for 79% of Global Internet Traffic by 2020

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We teach companies to build a video strategy and teach/coach/manage their own employees (classroom, teach the teacher concepts and even one-on-one), we guide them in the production, operations & publishing and support them in the video conversion learning.
30 years video coaching experience
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